hairpearl Cosmetic Silicone Pad



Cosmetic Silicone Pad

Our cost-effective and eco-minded solution for a perfect protection! Non-slip, self-adhesive Cosmetic Silicone Pads are skin friendly, easy to use, and comfortable.

How to use:
Ask your client to look upwards. Now place the Pads close to the lashes, directly under the eye to protect the skin from staining during the tinting treatment. These eco-minded innovative pads can be washed and are re-usable up to 100 times.

Storage and cleaning:
• Please notice: shiny side belongs on the skin.
• Rinse Pads after each handling under warm water. Use non-moisturizing soap for cleaning.
• For ideal adhesive quality, just shake off and let air dry. Do not use any towels etc. to dry pad.
• After application keep Pads in original package.

For professional use only.
Keep out of the reach of children.

EAN-Code: 4260646580267

Content: 1 pair

Units: pair

Packaging Unit: box of 15 or 50 pairs

Minimum Order Quantity: box of 15 or 50 pairs