The Bonder is not holding the lashes down when applying the lifting lotions. What can I do?

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Good to know: the bonder needs to be water-soluble and humidity and a heated room do also has an impact on the strength of the bonder.

  • in cases the lashes “peel up“ from the Silicone Pads you can fix them again with the bonder. In practice: when lashes peel up while removing lotion no 1 (waving lotin) please fix them again with the LashBond before applying lotion no 2 (Neutralizer). In any case: be sure to comb the lashes quite tight with the y-brush and or the Eyelash Separating tool when bonding them onto the silicone pads. This creates the perfect lift effect. You know, its not easy to hold the lashes down onto the Silicone Pad without pressing to much on the eyelid since this will arouse flood of tears and however this will peel up the lashes from the Pad…   
  • you can also use a short stripe of Surgical Tape to keep the lashes down. I often need to do this in cases clients do have a lot of „baby lashes“ that do not want to be bonded.